Scouting Network

Becoming A Scout

There are alot of people out there that at times, think about becoming a scout. They have relationships with high school and college coaches, and truly want to help players.  Some of them are lucky enough to become a "bird dog" or associate scout with a MLB Team. 

Now the facts! They don't get paid, and if they get reimbursements for expenses, they are lucky!  They also have committed to work and submit information ONLY to the one team they are working with.

What does that mean? Well, if the club they work with does not want that player, there is little the scout can do.

With GSB, our goal is to help the players and teams at the same time.  We do not pick one over the other.  We do not represent players, and are not agents.  Our goal is to help players get to the Next Level.  For some, this may be college, for others it may be professional. Since 1998, we have helped more than 2,000 athletes into 23 countries obtain the opportunities they desired. And we do all of this by having a quality network of scouts, with the same common goals.....

So we take it serious, and only look for character individuals that are on the same mission we are.....Educate, Evaluate & Expose! 

Scout Responsibilities

Becoming a scout with GSB will require commitment.  The following outlines some of these: 

  • Bi-monthly or month conference calls
    (mandatory attendance)
  • Conduct a minimum of 2 events per year (with a minimum of 30 participants) and must accurately report on all participants.  
  • Local events are defined as events targeting youth and high school athletes.  No professional events may be conducted at the local level.  All professional events must be coordinated through the National Office due to the location, as well as the governing rules and requirements of professional sports.  Associate scouts may be involved with the National Office in this process.
  • Local events must be approved and posted on
  • Associate Scouts retain all revenue generated from local events.  GSB National office will also be hosting events nationwide, therefore events scheduled by the National Office is not considered a local event
  • Events must follow the structure and format provided by GSB National Office
  • All data and supporting documentation must be submitted on time to National Office

Scouting Needs

Scouts will need to have access
to the following:

  • Jugs or Stalker radar gun
  • Stopwatch
  • Tape measure
  • Relationships with local high school and college coaches (as well as legion, travel ball coaches and recreation department officials)
  • Desire to help athletes reach their highest level
  • Ability to utilize online features at to document player reports
  • A positive attitude and desire to continue learning the ever changing landscape of sports

The GSB Difference

When a scout is approved with GSB, sure they receive business cards, a polo shirt, welcome packet with scouting reports and more, but they join a team with other committed individuals.  

Scouts go through training to utilize technology, and learn common terminology. By using state of the art technology, scouts are able to work more efficiently and feel connected with the team.  All scouts get posted online for verification in their area. 

If you want to start the process in becoming a part of the largest scouting network in the world,
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