Promote Yourself

Promote Yourself

Why pay hundreds if not thousands of dollars to travel to a showcase?  Can consistancy be determined in 1 day? Why go to expensive tournaments with 200+ teams and hope to be the needle in the hay stack?  Isn’t the objective in getting a scholarship to save money?  If you spend thousands… actually paid for one yourself.

Scouting today has changed drastically from 20 years ago.  GSB is a company that produces results without charging lots of money, as we know that many athletes simply can not afford to pay to be found.  And our opinion is that scouts should actually scout!  Recruiters should recruit!  Our track record proves we have the ability to help athletes, and much of what we do is empower YOU to help yourself.  Sure we send scouts to VERIFY athletes, but through our 15 years of being in business we have found that most of our competitors are simply out to make a lot of money!

We started in 1998 with the goal to help athletes.  So our #1 goal is to help athletes, and if we do a good job we are successful as a company.

So our PROMOTE YOURSELF is our way of saying we will help YOU to get where YOU want to go.  Just in 2012, we helped actual players (Evan Hebert LHP and Handome Monica C) find a future home with the #1 Baseball Team in 2012 (Arizona).  They did the work, we helped!  There are many more success stories each and every day.  Join today and become the next athlete to advance to the Next Level!

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September 19, 2014