About Us

The Global Scouting Bureau was founded in January of 1998.  In its first year of operation, GSB assisted 89 players in signing Independent Baseball Jobs.  As the word spread and internet became more widely used, GSB expanded.  In 1999, GSB assisted 213 baseball players in obtaining both Independent as well as International Contracts.  Over the next 5 years, GSB expanded from helping released and unsigned players to assisting MLB teams move players Internationally, as well as creating numerous working relationships directly with MLB Teams.

GSB has helped thousands of athletes advance. GSB has had players reach MLB as well as more than 23 countries around the world. In 2003, GSB was fortunate to have helped enough players to begin receiving requests to assist colleges in their recruiting process. Why? There are so many other companies doing this? GSB has credibility! We don’t send your video to 10 schools of your choice. We don’t offer $2,000 tournaments with 200+ teams and sell you that scouts will be at your games.

The Global Scouting Bureau (GSB) actually scouts! Thats right, we send scouts to see players. Big city or small town, actual people go and evaluate players!

Unlike many scouts and recruiters, GSB encourages our scouts to speak with parents and educate them on the process. Even if the kid is not yet a prospect! We do this as we understand that there are many opportunities out there, but players need to be put into the right place at the right time.

Historically, our success has been predominantly in baseball. But our proven track record has had many other male and female sports (College and Professional) reaching out to see if we can help. So now, GSB is beginning to hire qualified scouts in other sports to work in the same model we have been using for baseball since 1998.

Some of GSB Successes:

  • Established Pensacola Pelicans Baseball and sold to its current ownership which has now purchased the AA Cincinnati Reds
  • Was the 1st non MLB Team to host a Korean Spring Training without any outside assistance (2006 Kia Tigers in Port Charlotte, FL)
  • Has handled procurement for many Independent and International Teams, yielding literally THOUSANDS of jobs for players
  • Started the Independent Winter Meetings
  • Brought the 1st Taiwanese player to Mexico (2001)

In 2005, GSB expanded its operations into Soccer (football) and deals predominantly Internationally.  In addition to expanding into Soccer, GSB began to assist colleges and universities in their desire to find perspective athletes.  Although in 2005, this was a case by case basis, the success of GSB in dealing at the Professional Level was definitely lending to the credibility of assisting College Coaches in their search for new players.

2006 was a record breaking year for GSB as it hosted the Kia Tigers of the KBO for Spring Training in Port Charlotte, FL.  It was the 1st time a Korean team had ever been to a Spring Training NOT hosted by a MLB Team.  (It is now considered quite common.)